What does Chimney Mean?

Definition of Chimney in Construction
The enclosure of flues within a residence ,industrial or commercial building. A chimney is not the direct means of venting the exhaust from a heating source, it is the enclosure of several flue pipe, or chases that exhaust more than one heating source.

If there is only one fireplace or heating source and therefore one flue, then the chimney does include only one flue and can be considered venting this primary heating component. In most cases, there are more than one flue in the interior space of a chimney. Chimney placement within the structure is important. In some center hall colonials, the placement of the chimney is directly in the center of the structure. If this is the case, then the chimney must be coordinated with the ridge of the home and structural accommodations must be made. Chimneys are required to be at least a two hour rated assembly and if located within a shaft, the shaft itself must be a two hour rated enclosure.