Change Order Notification (CON)

What does Change Order Notification (CON) Mean?

Definition of Change Order Notification ( CON ) in Construction
Formal notification by the contractor to the owner and or architect that there is a change order pending.

This normally occurs upon creation or identification of a change in the scope of work due to field conditions. This is a formal presentation by the contractor to the architect, owner to request a formal change order. This is normally required prior to the issuance by the architect, owner of a change order to the contract.

The formal presentation of a CON is an ongoing frustration on all construction projects. In some cases, the paperwork involved and the formal notification is a highly tuned procedure, however, in most cases, this is not the case due to the tendency for contractors and subcontractors not to provide the proper nor timely paperwork.

Change Order Notification should include the reasons for the change presentation, the cost impact on the project as well as the scheduling impact.