Ceiling mounted

What is Ceiling mounted?

Definition of Ceiling mounted in Construction
This term refers to any material, equipment or other assembly that is attached to the horizontal surface, which makes up the ceiling of a room or structure. In most commercial assemblies, a structural engineer will engineer the attachment to the ceiling structure based upon the importance of safety and pull out forces that are exerted on anything that is ceiling mounted. In most cases, ceiling mounted will result in the item that is secured to the ceiling, to be placed in tension or a pull out position. This means that gravity will directly cause the force vector to run along the length of the fastener that is securing the item to the ceiling. Ceiling mounted items are many times hung off of lengths of support members that span a width of the ceiling to minimize this pull out force. In some cases, such as public open areas, anything that is ceiling mounted is also secured with a safety harness, wire or clamp to ensure a secondary means of support, if the primary support fails.