Catch Basin

What does Catch Basin Mean?

Definition of Catch Basin in Construction
What is a catch basin? The structure, within a storm water system, that consists of structures and pipes, that collects the surface water, and accumulates this water for distribution through the piping systems. Normally the catch basin is capped with a grate that is open, and consists of bars or openings to allow the water to enter the catch basin. Catch basins can occur alongside a curb in a parking lot, or can exist independently in a parking lot, runway, or other impervious surface that accumulates water. The purpose of the catch basin is to control the amount of surface water runoff on impervious surfaces. There are several different methods of constructing catch basins, however, the majority of the basins are constructed of reinforced concrete called precast concrete. These catch basins are constructed off site, and delivered to the project in sections, that are assembled on the construction site. Shop drawings are submitted to the engineers, to ensure that the proper type and size of the catch basins are supplied, in compliance with the contract documents. Each catch basin is specifically designed to incorporate the piping that will be terminated in the catch basin. The size of the catch basin is determined by the size and amount of the piping entering the basin. In some cases, there is a sump designed into the catch basin to collect sedimentation within the basin. This sedimentation must be removed on a periodic basis, to ensure that the catch basin remains clean, and the sediment that accumulates is not forced out of the basin exit piping.