Casement Window

What is a Casement Window ?

Definition of Casement Window in Construction
A window that is hinged on one side of the frame, and latched on the other side of the window frame. A casement window, normally swings to the exterior of the structure, allowing the installation of an insect screen on the interior of the window unit. The installation of the insect screen on the interior of the window eliminates the deterioration that is encountered from the weather, if mounted on the exterior. The benefit of a casement window is the ability to open the entire window area for maximum ventilation. The negative aspect of a casement type window is the room required on the exterior, to allow the casement to fully open. Care must be taken that the opened casement does not encroach on any access paths or egress requirements for the structure. Casements are more popular in a contemporary home or office environment, however are very successfully used on the perimeter of open air porches or larger gathering rooms. The ability of a casement window to be mulled together with several units allows the full opening of entire walls to open to the exterior. Casement windows, like the double and single hung units can be provided in wood, aluminum, vinyl or other synthetic products. The proper size and weight hardware is important to allow the smooth and efficient operation of the casement window. Care should be taken when selecting a casement window in regards to usage of the mechanisms used to open and close the window. If the window function is sporadic or extremely rare, then the hardware does not need to be as extensive as the window that is opened and closed on a daily basis.