Carriage Bolt

What does Carriage Bolt Mean?

Definition of Carriage Bolt in Construction
What is a carriage bolt? A common fastener, consisting of a national pipe thread on approximately 3/4’s of the bolt itself with the remaining end a clean smooth shank with a hex configuration beneath a rounded mushroom type head. The intent of this fastener is to embed the hex configuration under the rounded domed top into the wood. This will secure the fastener from spinning. A washer and nut is normally used at the end of the threaded shank to secure the fastener. The carriage bolt can be obtained in various diameters and lengths. Normal use of a carriage bolt, is to provide an extremely strong positive fastener, that has a finished industrial appearance ( the domed head ), for use with heavy duty framing or even rough furniture work. The use of a carriage bolt in the construction of a joint will result in an extremely strong durable joint that will only fail if the bolt snaps or the wood it is embedded within fails.