Call before you dig ( CBYD )

What is Call before you dig ( CBYD ) ?

Definition of Call before you dig ( CBYD ) in Construction
This is the universal call for an underground investigative service that is provided to identify the location of utilities, prior to any excavation. It is a mandatory Federal Law that requires anyone that will be digging in the ground to call CBYD prior to commencing. The CBYD organization will provide a notification number that you will use, to ensure that all of the utilities have been marked and located prior to excavation. Failure to use the CBYD underground investigative service will institute a fine as well as substantial penalties, especially if a utility is dug up. The CBYD mandatory requirements have become extremely important for excavations in urban areas. The continued build-up of utilities in cities and municipalities has caused several disastrous utility strikes that have injured and killed human beings. The Call before you dig requirement is followed by all professional excavators and all utility companies have supported the program in the United States.