Bullet Proof Glass

What is Bullet Proof Glass?

Definition of Bullet Proof Glass in Construction
Glass manufactured to deflect or absorb the impact of a bullet. This glass is designed as a laminated assembly of several layers of glass as well as strengthening sheathing made of a synthetic material. Each manufacture will have their own special process to produce bullet proof glass and each product will withstand various force projectiles. Unfortunately after 911 the need for bullet proof glass has increased exponentially and manufacturers are developing new and radical methods of increasing the ability of clear glass to withstand the impact of a bullet. Research and development has allowed the introduction of explosion proof glass for special applications such as military use and security requirements. The ability to laminate different synthetic materials as well as the improvement of the actual molecular makeup of the glass has increased the ability to deflect as well as absorb impacts, blast concussions and blast waves. This is a growing product line and manufacturers are spending considerable amounts of money in their quest to find totally explosion and bullet proof glass.