Building Wrap

What does Building Wrap Mean?

Definition of Building Wrap in Construction
This term references anything that is basically wrapped on the exterior walls of the structure. In the past, the building wrap was 15 lb felt paper or a material called Tyvek. In today’s building environment, there are several different building wraps on the market. Basically they are designed to keep moisture out of the structure and protect the exterior sheathing from the rain and moisture. There are materials that have a self stick coating that allows easier installation, there are panels of material that are sealed with a joint tape to provide a waterproof barrier, as well as wraps that are resistant to deterioration caused by sunlight and can remain exposed for indefinite periods of time. In many cases, the building wrap is customized to show the name of the builder on its exterior face, therefore providing obvious advertisement for the contractor. Building wrap has come a long way from the days of a simple building water protection and it is obvious, that its development will be constantly improving. Energy savings and conservation has increased the importance of using the proper building wrap. In addition the development of a better understanding of vapor barriers and where in the building systems, they should be placed has resulted in an increased importance being placed on the building wrap used and where it is located.