Breakaway Post

What does Breakaway Post Mean?

Definition of Breakaway Post in Construction
A post that is mounted with a nut and bolt to a piece of receiver installed into the ground. Normally the typical simple breakaway post consists of an steel post of the same profile as the piece in the ground. In this manner the post can be nested into the piece secured in the ground. The bolts are secured in the direction of the prevailing traffic. In this manner, when a vehicle hits the post above the breakaway joint, the nuts snap allowing the post to breakaway. A simple replacement of the bolts is the theoretical fix, however in most cases the posts are bent from the impact and have to be replaced. Breakaway connections are prevalent in highway construction and this description is the simple connection for small signs. The larger directional signs over the highways and light pole bases are all installed with much more sophisticated breakaway connections. This is a code requirement and final certificates of occupancy and approval to move into the structure will be held up, if the breakaway signage is not properly installed.