Boom Lifts

What does Boom Lifts Mean?

Definition of Boom Lifts in Construction
Lift used on construction projects to allow the lifting of manpower to various heights. Different size boom lifts are available and normally consist of a heavy power base with ( 4 ) tires and a long boom with a platform attached at the end of the boom. A boom lift is normally rented or leased, as required, on a project. There are various types of boom lifts for different terrain. There are even ( 4 ) wheel drive, all terrain boom lifts, that will move over rough and unprepared surfaces. The use of boom lifts has become a very popular method for light fixture installation, painting high spaces, installing sprinkler piping, installing ductwork, etc. Safety regarding these lifts is extremely important and use of the correct size boom lift is paramount in a safe operation of these types of lifts. To overly extend a smaller lift is extremely dangerous, therefore the selection of a larger than needed boom lift is a much safer option when selecting this type of equipment.