What does Bollard Mean?

Definition of Bollard in Construction
Barrier normally consisting of a length of pipe, filled with concrete, embedded into a concrete footing.

bollards near door
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The purpose of the bollard is to protect a structure, transformer, tank, panel, etc. from the impact of a vehicle or other moving force. Gas installations and electrical transformers are always protected with a series of bollards, designed to provide protection from any type of impact.

Bollards are also used within structures to prevent forklifts or other moving vehicles within the building from striking sensitive equipment or merchandise. Bollards can be used for other purposes, such as lighting bollards, where lights are installed within the ballast and serve to illuminate site landscaping, walkways, etc. The term bollard basically represents any embedment of a steel or concrete item for either usage as a barricade or other architectural designed use.

Picture of Bollards

bollard blocking bridge
bollards parking garage
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metal bollards near marina
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