Block and Plank

What does Block and Plank Mean?

Definition of Block and Plank in Construction
Explanation: Construction method, using concrete masonry units ( block ), as the bearing walls, with precast concrete plank over the top, to form the combination ceiling and floor, of the next level.

The concrete masonry unit construction is engineered to be heavily reinforced and filled with grout at specific load points within the structure. The use of precast plank, expedites the construction of the structure due to its ability to be loaded immediately upon placement. There is no curing time required, plus the installation of the concrete masonry block walls can be expedited to coincide with the installation of the precast plank.

This is a popular technique for construction of hotels or multi family structures, due to its fireproof nature, speed of construction, as well as the ability to use the bottom of the concrete plank as the finished ceiling. This method of construction is extremely efficient if there are repetitive layouts such as in a hotel or multi- family construction project .