Bituminous curb

What is Bituminous curb?

Definition of Bituminous curb in Construction
This is a curb that is made out of bituminous. The application is normally an extruded type of curb that is produced by forcing the bituminous through a form, which shapes the bituminous into a curb shape that is placed on the top of a bituminous level surface. In most cases, the bituminous curb is laid on the top of the bituminous pavement after all of the pavement is completed. There could be a situation, where the bituminous curb is installed on the top of a stone base or even a concrete foundation. This is an unusual case, and the normal installation is over the top of the bituminous pavement. The bituminous curb is normally the most reasonable and efficient method of establishing a boundary for a parking lot as opposed to other types of curbing.