Bay Window

What is a Bay Window?

Definition of Bay Window in Construction
Normally the assembly on an angle of two, double hung window units, with a fixed panel window in the center of the two double hung window units. However, a bay window could consist of several window units, assembled together, to accommodate a partial projection of the window unit from the exterior plane of the structure. The term is commonly intermixed with the term bow window, which will be the assembly of numerous separate windows, to form a crescent looking projection. The use of a bay window is a perfect method of expanding the look of a smaller room or providing a creative interior space for window seating or storage. Bay windows are used to hang plants and display items on the surface or wide sill below the window. In some cases, a bay window may have a copper roof to protect the projection of the window from the elements, in other design situations, the bay extension may actually be continued above the window to the second level for another bay window installation. In this case the entire foundation of the structure could be designed to accommodate these projections. The bay window is also a design technique used by architects when designing multi-family dwellings where there is limited square footage within the actual unit and it is imperative to expand the ambience of the interior by extending the visual look with a bay window.