What is Batter?

Definition of Batter in Construction
To batter a wall or an excavation is to angle the slopes of the excavation or the wall at an angle greater than 90 degrees. The battering of a retaining wall means that the face of the wall will slope away from the front of the wall and towards the material being retained or held back. To batter a wall or a slope will enhance its structural capability to withstand what is referenced as overturning. A batter is sometimes a term that references a structural component that is installed to batter a wall or another structural entity. To reinforce this structure with batters, is to assemble a stiffener or a support at a certain designed distance apart to supply additional structural support to a wall or other assembly. The term is also used as a safety indication that identifies the amount of slope that a trench is excavated. If the trench sides are battered back, they are greater than 90 degrees and slope towards the exterior of the trench , this is termed battering.