Batter boards

What is Batter boards?

Definition of Batter boards in Construction
The description of a technique that will allow the layout of a foundation or a structure by installing boards offset from the corners of the structure. These boards are called batter boards and are installed away from the foundation or the structure being laid out far enough away to allow the excavation to occur and still have the batter boards intact. A nail will normally be installed into the top of the batter boards to identify the location of the foundation walls of the structure. In most cases, a 90 degree assembly of these batter boards is installed at each of the structures corners. The nails or fasteners that are installed at a predetermined location on the batter boards are positioned with what is called a setback, to allow the repositioning of these dimensions after the foundation is excavated. Batter boards have been used for many years and their use is becoming a lost art.