Barrel Hinge

What is a Barrel Hinge?

Definition of Barrel Hinge in Construction
A barrel hinge is a hinge used in cabinetry and millwork. This hinge has a barrel type insert at both ends of a hinged arm. The barrel ends of the hinge are inserted in a round hole drilled into the two opposing pieces of material being hinged together. In many instances, the actual arm that connects the two ends ( barrel pieces ) is made of stainless steel, and has a pin assembly at the center for hinging. The barrel hinge allows an almost invisible means of connecting two pieces of millwork with a hinged connection. Specialty applications for the use of this type of hinge allows customization of the hinging application of doors, windows, casework panels, etc. Millworkers that specialize in quality products that require hidden fasteners, hardware and connection assemblies will commonly use this type of hinge.