Barn Door Sliding Unit Assembly

What is a Barn Door Sliding Unit Assembly ?

Definition of Barn Door Sliding Unit Assembly in Construction
This has become a very popular means of operating a sliding door. Years ago the only assembly similar to this current hardware assembly was used on barn doors. Due to the heavy and uniqueness of all barn doors, the need to establish a basic and overall simple means of sliding the barn door panels became a requirement. Blacksmiths, in the day, produced a simple rail system that was installed over the doors. Hanging off the rail system was a simple roller with an iron strap. This iron strap was attached to whatever constituted the barn door and enabled the door to slide along the rail mounted over the door opening. The simplicity of this system allowed any size and weight door, to be slid open or closed over the opening in the barn. Forward to contemporary times, and the visual look, as well as the simplicity of the design, has taken on an architectural uniqueness of simplicity and function. The sliding barn door assembly is now a very popular method of providing a functioning hardware set for interior and exterior doors. Even though the catalyst of the original barn door sliding assembly is taken out of the equation, the uniqueness, as well as the coolness of the hardware assembly has remained. Barn door sliding unit assemblies are now common place hardware used in many different instances in construction both residentially and commercially.