Balled and Burlapped

What is Balled and Burlapped ?

Definition of Balled and Burlapped in Construction

This is a term that is used in landscaping to indicate a procedure for protecting the root ball of the tree or shrub. This procedure requires the excavation of the tree or shrub in a manner that ensures the root ball remains intact. This root ball is then secured in a burlap wrap to protect the roots and the integrity of the root ball. In many cases, if the burlap is a natural product, the planting procedure will only require the removal, or folding back of the burlap from the top of the root ball. The roots will grow directly through the natural burlap as it deteriorates. If a synthetic type of material is used to wrap the root ball, then this material will need to be totally removed, prior to planting the tree or the shrub. Ball and burlapped is one method of transporting the landscape material, the other very common method is to have grown the tree or shrub in a container. If this is the case, then the material is transported to the project site for planting in the container, which is removed when the plant is placed in the ground.