Awning Window

What is an Awning Window?

Definition of Awning Window in Construction
A window unit that includes the hinging of a window sash at the top of the window frame, allowing the opening to the exterior to resemble an awning when the window is opened. An awning window opens fully therefore allowing the full ventilation of the entire framed opening within the exterior wall. The insect screen is mounted on the inside of the frame and is not susceptible to the weather. The exterior of the window must be kept free from any type of obstacles or space limitations due to the swinging of the window to the exterior. Awning windows are used, in many cases, as the bottom unit of an assembly of different type windows or even fixed panels. Due to the positioning of the hinge, the awning will not allow water or moisture to enter the interior of the structure. Awning windows are available from all window manufacturers in vinyl, wood, aluminum or any combination. In most instances, the awning window is longer than it is wide, however, there are exceptions and some commercial applications include long and narrow windows that operate as awnings.