Authentic Divided Lites (ADL)

What are Authentic Divided Lites (ADL)?

 – Same As True Divided Lites 

Definition of Authentic Divided Lites (ADL)  – Same As True Divided Lites in Construction

Referencing the separation of glass panels within a door or window unit. If the glass panels are divided with an actual piece of wood, or synthetic material, creating actual separate panels of glass, then this separation is a authentic or true division of the glass panels. When the ability to manufacture large seamless pieces of glass did not exist, the use of several pieces of small glass was used to piece together, to form larger windows or glazed openings. This is where the origination of true divided lites became popular. It is interesting to note, that several small authentically separated panes of glass were considered , the best available option, to create a larger expanse of glass in original colonial times, and now we are trying to recreate the look of this compromised appearance. I am sure that if technology existed and true divided lites were not a necessity, the romance of the look as well as the application, would not be as intense.