As – Equal

What is As – Equal ?

Definition: What Does the Term “As – Equal” Mean?
An as – equal presentation, is another manufacturer, or a substitute product presentation, in substitution to an established specification requirement. A manufacturer will indicate that their product is an equal product to the specified product, if they are not specifically specified. In most cases, the as equal equipment, or product, has the same characteristics as the specified product or material. In some cases, the as equal presentation is even manufactured by the same manufacturer as the specified product, only the as equal, is called another name, or is a partner company to the primary company. The identification of whether a product is truly an as – equal product is given to the design team on the project. In most public projects, the ability to present an as -equal product is part of the requirements of the project. Priority specifications on public projects are usually not allowed, unless there is a specific reason for this specific, priority specification.