As – Built

What is the As – Built document?

Definition: What Does the Term “As – Built” Mean?
An as – built document, is the end result of a new installation or renovation. An as-built document of an existing structure, if available, can be provided to a contractor, to ensure an understanding of the final dimensions, etc. on a project. As – built, represents exactly what it states, the as-built dimensions and elevations of a project, whether it has been just constructed, or is an existing, long established project. During the course of any ongoing construction project, a set of as – built documents is kept in the construction office, or in the lead super’s truck. As items are installed, measurements are taken and recorded on the as-built documents for the project. Theoretically, at the end of the project, all the final dimensions relating to the actual installed items , that make up the total project, will have been recorded on the as-built documents. These dimensions and measurements, will then be stored for the record, and used to find buried piping, under slab conduits or piping, or anything within the project that is not clearly viewed and exposed. Unfortunately in many projects the as-built documents are not recorded accurately and timely. In many cases, the contractor will simply guess at the locations, and fulfill the as-built document requirement, after the fact. Contractors are well aware, that in the majority of situations, the determination of any accuracy in the as-built, is not realized until well after the contractor’s warranty period is over. Therefore, the importance of accuracy, becomes diluted in the opinion of the contractor, due to the fact, that unless there is a reason to locate any item not in clear view, no one will be able to identify the accuracy of the as-built. The repeated assertion of the owner, architect or professional construction consultant, on the project, must occur throughout the project to instill the importance of accuracy regarding as-built documents. The importance of an accurate as-built document can never be overstated, if a gas line for example ruptures, and backhoes are required to excavate the utility.