What is a Construction Architect?

Definition: What Does the Term Architect Mean?
The party responsible for the overall design of the project. In many cases, the architect is assigned to also be responsible for the engineers on the project, structural, plumbing, mechanical, sprinkler, electrical, etc. A residential or commercial architect can be hired from the onset of the project to assist the owners in their design selections. The architect can lead the entire project, both residentially and commercially, by guiding all parties to accomplish the final design, review the construction, and finalize all components of the project. An architect can be hired to actually supervise the construction, if the contractor is not qualified. Weekly meetings responsibility as well as correspondence, can be assigned to the architect, if the owner architect relationship is strong. The term architect has a very broad meaning, especially if the architect selected is a trusted and accomplished part of the team. An architect’s responsibility on a construction project, can be narrowly managed or extremely broad, dependent upon the needs of the project.