What is a Construction Apprentice?

Definition: What Does the Term Apprentice Mean?
The first labor tier of learning a trade. The apprentice is the initial level of entry for the carpenter, electrician, plumber, or any other trade. In most instances, the apprentice will be paid the lowest labor rate, and have the least in benefits provided. The apprentice, is many times, required to attend an apprenticeship program, with the goal of creating competent workers within the specific field. The apprentice programs of a number of the labor unions has created several high quality and knowledgeable workers. There are complete apprenticeship programs offered by the individual unions that are highly proficient and professional. Some specific public projects will mandate the number of apprentices on each project, to ensure that young people are learning the trades, and benefiting from public money on public projects. The apprenticeship programs of the unions and other affiliates are an extremely important part of construction labor education and development.