A2 Survey

What is an A2 Survey?

Definition: What Does the Term A2 Survey Mean?
An A2 survey is a formal representation of a project’s setbacks, property lines, dimensions, etc., as presented by a licensed surveyor. An A2 survey is normally required to obtain a final certificate of occupancy, and is in many cases, required prior to the full issuance of the building permit after the foundation has been placed. The A2 survey ensures the owner and municipality, that the project has been located within the proper parameters of the site, and is within all the required setbacks,as established by the planning and zoning departments of the municipality where the project is located. The rationale for requiring the survey prior to allowing the issuance of the full building permit is to ensure that the project foundation is as shown on the approved documents. The project surveyor is usually assigned the task of creating the A2 survey, and will normally have a good proportion of the work completed prior to the installation of the foundation.