Change Order Request Template

Excel Change Order Request Template for Construction – Example Only.

Download here: change-order-request-template-cor (xls)


Change Order Request / Template  
Date of Change Order Request Submission Tuesday Nov 15, 2016
Project Example Project
Address Street Address
City and State / Zip
Change Order Request No. COR # ( usually the job number + COR # )
COR Title Brief title for the COR ( ie: Depth of footing )
COR Description Based upon the RFI # as answered on ( the date the RFI was answered ) an increase in excavation cost and concrete foundation will be incurred / additional compensation as noted will be required to accommodate these added costs
COR Approval Date Date necessary for approval of the COR
Cost Ramifications of this COR
( attach appropriate excel spreadsheet The total cost for all labor, material, equipment and supervision to accommodate this COR is ( insert the additional value or the work )
to properly describe and itemize the cost
of the additional work )
( The following section to be filled out by the responsible party for the approval of this COR )
COR action COR approved Approval or decision should be noted in this area in reference to the ( 4 ) options noted / this response should be filled out by the responsible party
( the responsible party for the financial COR not approved
obligations of the construction contract
should fill this portion of the COR out ) Proceed on Time and Material
Submit a Not to Exceed Value
Date of COR action Nov. 17, 2016
Party responsible whom ever approved the COR
for COR Action ( in this case the Owner )
Comments / not intended to be a part of the COR formatted above
Once this COR is addressed and answered, the resultant impact of the answer should
be submitted by the contractor as a Change Order to the material suppliers
equipment vendors or subcontractors involved with this COR action
This COR can be used to document and manage the entire fiancial system of the project if
a simple spreadsheet is added to the bottom of this COR
This spreadsheet will summarize the financial aspects of the individual contract as follows
Original Contract Value $5,000,000.00
COR’s approved to date $2,000,000.00
Current COR approval COR # $500,000.00
Total to date of this Contract $7,500,000.00
However in some cases, the responsible party will issue a formal Change Order to the contractor to
indicate action regarding this COR / this formal Change Order will provide the summary financial data
required to financially manage the project

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