OSB Shed Sheathing & Rain


Hello. An acquaintance of my husband is building a shed and a dog ramp for us. When he overheard we were shed shopping he claimed he’s built many and could built us a “great one”. But I’m really questioning his ability as he’s been building. Among many other issues (he’s using a lot of old used wood from who knows where), he has put up osb sheathing and left it in the rain for WEEKS. At first he said that would be the siding and just to paint it, but we argued that it needed proper siding, so now he says he’s going to put siding on it, but who knows when he will show up and do it, and the sheathing has been in the rain sooo long. It’s also what he is using for the floor (raised a bit on concrete blocks and framing). He initially had osb soaking in the rain as the flat roof of it, but seeing as we had to walk on that because the ramp comes off of it, we had him replace that. So…my question for now is it okay for that sheathing to stay on there after it’s been in the rain for many weeks. We live in BC Canada and it rains every day here this time of year.

The help from a friend that is using OSB board that he found, salvaged, or requisitioned, initially appears to be a very economical and practical method of securing a good shed for pets, or exterior supplies. Unfortunately its use in a climate that is constantly wet and rainy is probably not the most prudent way to go. Other than being relatively inexpensive there are not many other positive aspects for the use of this very absorbent material , no matter how inexpensive! Especially if it is left in the continuous rain and allowed to absorb whatever moisture is available.

I am not one to get into a husband and wife issue, I have been associated with one ( wife ) successfully for over 38 years, so I am very careful. BUT, I have no idea if this is a legitimate friend, someone who needs the cash, someone who wants to get rid of some OSB sheathing, but you get what you pay for, and the use of absorbent material is not conducive to a long lasting shed.

My recommendation is to go the local big box store ( you know who I am referring to ), buy an inexpensive shed, and ask the local salesmen if he has someone that can construct the ramp. The construction of a ramp for a dog shed is something that can be done in 2 hours by a competent carpenter.

Good luck, but it appears you know exactly the situation you are in, so please, just buy a good shed for the dogs ( they deserve it ) and ditch the ( husbands friend !! ) keep the husband, I think!!

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