No Insulation Below Flat Roof

Good day. I live in Alberta Canada . I provide Handyman Services in my city. A potential client of mine owns a vintage multilevel building and requires some roof maintenance to be carried out. I noticed that the flat roof was covered with a single ply roofing product, there is no insulation below the primary barrier. It has been directly applied to the plywood sheathing, not even glued? Is this even allowed? I need to Identify it also, either EPDM, CSPO, TPO, PVC. As per ARCA STANDARDS all details for this type of roofing requires an insulation barrier and a vapour barrier. Thanks for your feedback.

My only comment regarding this situation is that any work you perform needs to be per code. I really don’t mean to be a total and complete idiot when I make this type of comment, but all roofing is subject to numerous rules and regulations that I am sure you are more than aware of. Insulation, vapor barriers and sub-surface requirements are all part of the current manufacturer, building code and energy code requirements.

Therefore, yes to all your questions, there should be proper vapor barriers, insulation, etc. It is my recommendation that you have a professional representative of a local roofing contractor examine the situation and provide recommendations. You and I are not qualified to ensure that this removal and replacement will comply with all the current rules and regulations. Good luck!! Make sure this roofing recommendation comes with a warranty and guarantee that you can give to the owner of the building.