Mobile Home Needs Interior Cladding

Question: I have a mobile home that needs interior cladding. I’m putting 3/16 birch on the walls and since it’s so thin I can already imagine seeing the studs through the walls. What is a good way to straighten the exterior studs? Should I run string lines across and plane down the studs to the median depth? Is there a special way to measure?

The reduction of the exterior studs to produce a uniform even surface is not recommended. That would be a lot of work without the assurance of success. I would recommend a thin sheathing be applied prior to the birch cladding. 1/2″ sheetrock would be perfect or even 1/4″ plywood. To try and make the studs uniform by planing or shimming is a very difficult and time consuming project. Although it takes some additional interior space away, the installation of a sub sheathing is recommended prior to the birch installation.

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