How to Build a Shed That Does Not Deteriorate?

Question: How can I build a shed that has walls lasting much longer than the usual 10–15 year life of the siding? I see many wooden sheds that deteriorate along the bottom of the walls, primarily from the effects of moisture on the wood.

Home construction does not seem to be plagued with this issue, so I am wondering what makes the difference, and how can I incorporate better techniques in shed construction.

The use of pressure treated lumber for your shed, especially the bottom of the exterior walls is recommended. Moisture is the reason for deterioration and the proper construction of any wood structure is to keep the ground moisture away from the wood. Either build up the shed above the ground with concrete blocks or even concrete sonotubes, or use a pressure treated base to start the construction. Keeping moisture buildup in mind as you construct the shed will eliminate future damage. Another method is to construct the shed with pressure treated wood 4X4’s and metal studs. This would eliminate the moisture deterioration.

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