How to Avoid Drilling into Concrete?

OK hope I’m in the right place to ask a question. I am building a small mezzanine in my shop. Need to install post brackets (4 – 4×6″) on concrete floor. Is there a way I can avoid drilling into concrete?

Can I use an adhesive to secure brackets? (Unrelated) I notice they use adhesive to secure wooden blocks on concrete piers … thus my question. Once the beams, joists and ply are installed there shouldn’t be much (any) lateral movement. What do you think?

I am in complete agreement with you that you could apply a glue under the 4X6 to secure the bottom of the post. Unfortunately, like many things in our construction business, code compliance may not allow this. It is important that you follow all codes and I would assume that mechanical anchoring of the bottom of the post is required. Drilling in typical Simpson hold downs at the bottom of the 4X6 should not be difficult. However, yes, there will be little lateral movement once the entire structure is assembled, unless of course you were to hit the post with a forklift or some type of vehicle. This is why the code requires a minimum lateral fastening system, just for that type of occurrence.