Building & Road Construction Validation

Question: I would like to ask regarding validation. What process in general road construction and building construction that require validation and if any what are the validation test call?

Answer: All commercial and residential building, whether heavy highway or small residential, are subjected to building codes.  These building codes are different for each individual State but there is an overall building codes that dependent upon the area of the country, dictates the rules and the regulations of construction.

The BOCA code, Building Officials Code Administration, is the code that is enforced within the northeast and mid-west, the SBCCI code, Southern Building Code Congress International, is commonly used in the South and Southeast.  All construction is subjected to these codes as well as the local City and State codes.  When construction is occurring, inspectors from the City or Town in which the construction is located are responsible for ensuring that the codes are all complied with.  The contractors performing the work are required to have the inspections done in the proper sequencing, to ensure that their projects are being constructed  as the code dictates. 

The actual size of the project will determine if the contractor will require a Major Contractor’s license or can merely be a Home Improvement Contractor.  In addition, the size of the project will determine whether a licensed architect, structural engineer and mechanical, electrical engineers are required.  I hope this answers the question.

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