Bifold Closet Doors Protrude Too Much

Hello – We’ve just had our contractor install bifold doors in our bedroom closet. Unfortunately, the doors protrude too far into the bedroom, preventing us from using a dresser in the corner adjacent to the doors. Our contractor has already moved on to another job, and we don’t want to ask him to come back. (We didn’t discuss the dresser with him beforehand with him, so this is not his fault). Is it possible to build a support at the top of the closet and move the bifold track back a few inches so the doors are further recessed into the closet making room for the dresser? We only need a few inches. We would very much appreciate your opinion. Many, many thanks! Best wishes, Karen

I don’t want to be that guy, however, if you want more room to install the dresser, the contractor should be called back and told to simply recess the bi-fold doors. So I won’t be that guy! Yes, you can move the bi-fold door track back to allow you more room. I have to ask, if you went to a sliding door in the same position as the bi-fold track, would it work? Does the dresser not fit, because the doors are bi- fold? If so, then is it possible that a simple sliding door would work? How much room is available on the upper trim piece of wood to allow the bi-fold track to move back? If there is not enough room to move the track back on the existing header then you should try to minimize any extension of this header, If you simply add another 3/4″ trim piece to the top, is there now enough room. The point of these comments is that it is easier to simply add material on the interior of the closet header to make enough room for the bi-fold hardware to allow the dresser to be installed.