Analytical Estimating Cost Matrix & Sample Template

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Sample Data:

Estimate Template for Multi Family Projects ( Basic Template – must be customized for individual project )
First you must setup a cost matrix for the project / this cost matrix can be developed and modified as needed
The cost matrix is an analysis of basic unit costs that are developed through
experience and research /this matrix must be developed based upon the region
of the country that the project is being constructed as well as the specifics for each project
This is a cost matrix example, for the New England Areas ( these values must be researched and customized )
Costs are shown as an example ONLY / experience and research is required to establish precision with unit values
Specialty costs such as specialty piles, sheathing , etc. – must be added, based upon specific project requirements
This cost matrix is intended to provide a basic, ball park estimate, of where the pricing should fall. It is mandatory
that individual subcontractors are involved, to verify all projections and identify the values in a more precise manner.
Example of
Spec Section Description Unit Estimated
customized per job Unit Value
1000 General Conditions
Project Manager week $2,500.00
Gen Conditions are totally dependent upon the specific project / in some cases the larger projects do not require the amount of management that some specialty projects may require Project Engineer week $1,750.00
Assistant Project Manager week $2,000.00
Asistant Project Engineer week $1,500.00
Field secretary or assistant week $1,250.00
Field office month $750.00
Office supplies month $250.00
Temporary heat month $250.00
Temprorary power month $350.00
Temporary sanitary month $500.00
Daily cleanup day $275.00
Dumpsters each $750.00
Documents LS $5,000.00
Punchlist LS $7,500.00
2000 Demolition / Sitework
This activity can basically control the entire estimate / The necessity of the specific conditions and the type of land and soils will control the total cost of this division / it is important to incorporate a local subcontractor to work together with you, as you develop this divisions cost and the specifics of this division / Underpinning, sheathing, dewatering,pile driving, erosion control, etc. are all very important elements of this division and will drive the final cost of this project / Special insurances for underpinning, blasting, etc. must be considered and carefully analyzed within this Division Tree protection each $250.00
Haybale installation each $10.00
General Demolition SF $1.25
Specified Demolition SF $0.50
Demolition cleanup day $500.00
Demolition dumpsters each $750.00
Demolition cleanup day $500.00
Storm line lf $60.00
Sanitary line lf $85.00
utility trenching lf $75.00
General site grubbing SF $0.25
General site cut SF $0.15
Foundation excavation cyds $15.00
General site backfill cyds $12.00
Foundation backfill cyds $17.00
Perimeter drainage lf $12.00
Site rough grade SF $0.50
Site final grade SF $0.35
Flatwork prep SF $1.25
Asphalt prep SF $0.75
Curbs LF $8.00
Asphalt work SF $5.00
Piles ( project specific ) each $2,500.00
Sheathing ( project specific ) SF $20.00
Dewatering ( project specific ) day $500.00
Landscaping LS sub value
3000 Concrete
Not as specifically important to the successful abilty to associate costs with the specific project as the sitework divison / unit values normally are more acurate for this Division / still recommend a sub Reinforcing bar and wire lbs $2.00
Footing concrete cyd $275.00
Pier concrete cyd $375.00
Column concrete cyd $550.00
Foundation wall cyd $375.00
Slab on grade cyd $325.00
Elevated slab cyd $450.00
Sidewalk flatwork SF $12.00
Pavement flatwork SF $8.00
Pads / misc concrete cyds $750.00
Site concrete / headwalls etc cyds $750.00
4000 Masonry
Unit prices normally will provide a generally accurate pricing structure for this Division / Analytical estimating is normally accurate for this Division Block 6″ each $8.00
8″ each $12.00
10″ each $14.00
12″ each $16.00
Brick common each $3.00
special each $5.00
Precast LF $25.00
Reinforcing bar lbs $2.00
Mortar cyd $500.00
Grout cyd $350.00
5000 Structural and Misc. Metal
Must involve a subcontractor / not due to an unspecific scope / needed due to difficulty in valuing structural steel Structural steel ton $2,500.00
Metal decking SF $2.00
Handrail lf $45.00
Stairs riser $175.00
Misc clips ( project specific ) each $25.00
Platforms ( project specific ) SF $35.00
Primer for steel ton $500.00
Shear studs each $5.00
6000 Carpentry
Division that can be estimated based upon an analytical analysis / recommend the input of a local carpentry sub Rough framing labor SF $6.00
Rough framing material SF $7.00
Rough framing material board ft $1.25
Trim material / wood LF $7.50
Interior trim labor SF $3.00
Interior trim material SF $3.00
Exterior doors / labor each $250.00
Interior doors / labor each $150.00
Kitchen cabinets / labor & material LF $500.00
Bathroom vanity each $750.00
Closet shelves and poles each $150.00
7000 Thermal and Moisture protection  
Division that can be estimated based upon an analytical analysis / recommend the input of a local roofing sub Foundation waterproofing SF $3.00
Flatwork waterproofing SF $7.50
Fiberglass dimensional shingles SF $4.00
EPDM SF $8.00
Flashings LF $5.00
EIFS SF $15.00
Fiberglass insulation SF $1.50
Spray insulation SF $2.50
8000 Doors / windows
Division can be estimated based upon an analytical analysis / incorporate a building material supplier Interior doors each $250.00
Windows each $450.00
General glazing SF $45.00
Interior glazing SF $25.00
Hardware / exterior doors each $250.00
Hardware / interior doors each $75.00
Garage doors each $2,500.00
Specialty rolling doors ( project specific ) each $7,500.00
9000 Finishes
Division can be estimated based upon an analytical analysis / incorporate separate small subs for each Finish section Flooring wood SF $8.00
granite SF $25.00
ceramic tile SF $12.00
carpet SF $3.00
vinyl SF $4.00
Painting interior SF $1.25
exterior SF $1.75
trim SF $0.75
doors each $75.00
Blinds each $125.00
10000 Specialties
Division is normally not that influencial on the total estimate / analytical analysis will be adequate ( project specific ) Must research and price all specific
Specialties required on the project
corridor grab rails lf $35.00
specialty handicap supports each $75.00
specialty grab bars lf $35.00
12000 Furnishings
Division can be estimated based upon an analytical analysis Kitchen appliances Refrigerator each $1,500.00
Stoves each $750.00
Microwave each $450.00
Fume hood each $250.00
Dishwasher each $500.00
Garbage disposal each $275.00
14000 Conveying systems
Specialty Division requires a subcontractor pricing
Elevators stop $25,000.00
Escalator sub contractor
Handicap lifts LF $1,500.00
15000 Mechanical
Division requires a local subcontractor to estimate this Division / highly competitive Division / should not be difficult to obtain proposals Storm piping lf $25.00
Sanitary piping lf $25.00
Gas piping lf $20.00
Water piping lf $15.00
Water heater each $2,500.00
Boiler each $15,000.00
Gas hot water heater each $2,500.00
Ductwork LF $15.00
RTU’s each $25,000.00
Toilets each $1,750.00
Kitchen sinks each $1,500.00
Bathroom sinks each $750.00
janitors sinks each $1,250.00
Shower with tub each $2,250.00
16000 Electrical
Division requires a local subcontractor to estimate this Division / highly competitive Division / should not be difficult to obtain proposals Service sub contractor
Duplex outlet each $125.00
GFI outlet each $175.00
Light switch each $150.00
Standard flourescent light fixture each $350.00
Specialty light fixtures each $450.00
Emergency generator sub contractor
Data distribution sf $0.75
Security systems sf $1.50
Fire alarm sf $1.00
tie in to appliances each $275.00
Added costs and financial considerations
Totally dependent upon the specific project and the specific requirements of the Owner Insurance Costs Specialty
Bond Costs
Building Permit costs
Specialty zoning fees
EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ) specialty fees
Certification fees
Liscensing fees
It is vitally important that this COST MATRIX be constantly updated and modified as more unit values become
It is the estimators job to ensure that this cost matrix remain valid and current with the marketplace
Do not become complacent with unit values / the intent of this entire methodology is to enable the estimator to
present relatively accurate and timely estimates for multipe projects.
The final proposal for the project must be a refinement of this Sample Estimate and not simply the initial
ballpark presentation.

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