How do you actually remove the tile off the wall?

The removal of tile that has been compromised is normally quite easy. The tile itself is a brittle material and can easily be cracked with a hammer. Do not strike the wall with a heavy sledgehammer, to be dramatic and theatrical, as performed on the DIY networks. Of course, you are probably not as pretty or handsome as the individual slamming the sledge into the tile. Simply and calmly, take a standard carpenters hammer, and gently tap the center of a tile, you will be amazed at how easily they will break. Once the first tile is broken, calmly start to remove the tile from the backing with a screwdriver, a flat bar or even a heavy putty knife. In most situations, the tile will simply pop off of the wall. Try to remove the existing tile as organized and disciplined as possible. It is important that work gloves and goggles are used when doing demolition. Tile when broken is very sharp and can severely cut your hand or whatever is hit, if the tile is dropped. Do not wear slipper or sneakers when performing this work. You will be knocking tile off the wall, it will be dropping, and eventually you will be removing the sheathing underneath, which will have either screws or nails.

Protection from injury is required for this process, be careful!

I have found that the use of heavy contractor, debris bags is beneficial when removing the tile from the bottom of the tub or the shower. Do not fill the bags too much, the tile will simply break the bags, and drop out. The tile is heavy and sharp, and will easily cut the bags. If you are working on the first level or the basement of the home, the use of a contractor’s wheelbarrow to remove the tile is preferred, however, if you are on the second floor, this may not be an option.

Although most individual homeowners do not consider it, the use of gravity to remove the tile is another contractor, time saving process. Basically check all the upstairs windows, if there is a window that debris can be dropped out of, without danger of hitting something below, use the window. It is much easier on the interior of the home, if the old debris is simply dropped out of a window and cleaned up on the exterior of the home.

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