Specific Examples

General Contractors

1.) A Hartford area contractor who had taken on a low income housing project for the City of Hartford was in trouble.  Upon entering the contract it became obvious that the value for the project had been over enthusiastically estimated and that the current management and supervision were incapable of completing the project on time or within any type of budget.

I was hired to relieve the superintendent and the project manager in an effort to more efficiently and professionally complete the project.  I was successful and the project was accepted by the City of Hartford, Housing Authority and the developer.  The General Contractor did not require any further assistance other than my involvement acting as both the superintendent on the project as well as the project manager.

2.) A union, minority General Contractor in Bridgeport was offered the opportunity to perform substantial work on a large municipal project in Bridgeport.  The General Contractor had neither the experience nor the personnel to accomplish this task.  I was hired by the General Contractor to provide all the required services from initiation of the budget to the final close out of the project as a means of allowing this General Contractor to successfully perform the work.  The project was successful and is currently offering minor league baseball to the City of Bridgeport.

3.) A General Contractor in New Haven had been awarded a substantial housing project renovation that required experience and technical knowledge that they did not have in-house, I was hired to perform all the duties required to supervise, manage and complete the project.  The Housing Authority of the City of New Haven continued to offer projects to this contractor.


1.) A large masonry subcontractor in Bridgeport required the expertise and knowledge to provide professional estimates to general contractors in the area.  I was hired to estimate the projects, manage the negotiations and provide construction management services for the subcontractor as the project advanced and were successfully completed.  This combination of my management and administration ability coupled with a technically proficient subcontractor resulted in numerous successful projects.

2.) A small masonry contractor hired me to help him to grow  his business.  This small masonry contractor was successful in creating a larger and more profitable company due to the input and management skills that I had provided.  This subcontractor is now a very successful masonry contractor in Connecticut and continues to use my services.

3.) Another masonry contractor had become entrenched in litigation on a large high school project in Connecticut.  I was hired to identify the issues, provide the scheduling and management skills to interact with the bonding company and create a negotiated settlement to allow all parties to successfully complete the project.  I was hired to travel to Pennsylvania to negotiate with the schedulers and estimators that the bonding company had involved.

4.) A demolition and abatement subcontractor hired me to  perform project estimates, represent them to  clients and provide the necessary presence  at project meetings as well as during negotiations and contract interactions.  This demolition subcontractor has benefited by my other consulting responsibilities due to their involvement in estimating projects and abating projects.

5.) I have represented numerous roofing, siding, demolition, concrete and masonry subcontractors during difficult litigation or other situations requiring a professional , knowledgeable presence.  We all understand that the construction business has many individual negative issues that in many cases requires legal representation.  I have been the bridge between the lawyers and the contractors to streamline and more efficiently address the issues.

Architects and Engineers

1.) I have investigated the implementation of a specialized prefabricated metal structure for use as a factory to grow algae in Florida.  The requirements of the environment as well as the specialized processes required not only someone with construction knowledge but the engineering background to initiate new methods of construction to address the specifics of this particular manufacturing requirement.

2.) My involvement early in my career both on the Alaskan pipeline as well as with Stauffer Chemical Company as the resident engineer on pilot plants provided me with definitive abilities to engineer and create solutions to different construction problems and issues.  I have the ability to think and create out of the box and look forward to challenges of all different varieties within the construction industry.

3.) As owner of PMJ we specialized in the construction of modular homes, especially on the coast.  We offered specific engineering solutions to foundation problems, wind and water issues associated with shoreline construction as well as all the new FEMA requirements associated with elevation, foundation, storm louvers, etc. PMJ was successful in numerous residential projects and was considered a primary builder for many modular home suppliers.

Owners and Developers

1.)The creation of my own company, PMJ, was the direct result of a developers need to create a construction entity to perform all the tenant fit out work required in this particular developers buildings.  This developer and owner realized the efficiencies of an in-house construction company that would be specifically created to accommodate all his required tenant work.  I performed over 50 interior fit ups as a newly created construction company and supervised and managed all of them myself to accommodate the developer.

2,) Owners have asked me to interact with their architects and engineers to provide an efficient and professional filter, prior to the issuance of documents for competitive pricing.  My abilities and experience is invaluable to an owner’s ability to circumvent the repeated expensive designs and details of overly creative architects and engineers.

3.) Owners have contacted me to help them evaluate difficult site conditions, or environmental issues.  My involvement in difficult remediation projects as well as environmentally difficult sites has helped owners to address difficult issues prior to the actual involvement of contractors on the project.

My involvement in projects and construction issues over the years has provided an endless list of situations and difficulties that I have addressed and helped solve.  After 35 years in the business as a project manager, estimator, scheduler, owner and consultant, I have been involved in considerable difficult obstacles to the successful completion of projects.  I have also been the reason that projects have been saved and completed.  Please, let me assist you with all of your issues and problems, I can help and can provide services beneficial to both you and your clients.