There are numerous aspects of the construction process to which I can contribute.  Each individual player in our business has many different needs and concerns.  I have been involved with many of the actual scenarios that contribute to each and every problem, whether it be management, administration, litigation, scheduling, the list goes on.  Let me help you find a more efficient method of construction management, evaluate your present situation or enter into an agreement that will evolve into a new exciting adventure. 


1.)    Administration: represent you during owner, architect, developer and owner negotiations, showing experience and construction knowledge as well as a resume of successful projects and services.

2.)    Management: assist others, or provide complete management.  Do you have a project that is in trouble? Give me the reigns and I will turn it around.

3.)    Preconstruction: by incorporating cutting edge technology I will provide alternate methods to allow greater efficiency and profitability on your projects.

4.)    Estimating:   my 35 years of construction experience will provide you with accurate, realistic and competitive estimating values.  Budgets, hard bids, or merely initial cost projections will now incorporate experience and knowledge.

5.)    Subcontract Administration: scope of work, subcontractor agreements, buyout, leveling, whatever is required.

6.)    Supervision: I have been successful in the full takeover of difficult jobs that appear hopeless.

7.)    Change Orders: I enjoy the pursuit of change orders and am very analytical with the documentation and administration of change orders.  If you have a project with change order issues or problems, please let me help.

8.)    Contract disputes: I have been exposed to numerous different scenarios regarding  contract disputes, whether it is financial, scheduling, procurement or other issues.

9.)    Delay claims: I have successfully identified and negotiated delay claim settlements.

10.) Scheduling and Procurement: I can assist in all your scheduling requirements, as well as coordinate and manage all procurement responsibilities.

11.) Litigation:  I have been involved with numerous litigation cases.  I have assisted contractors with litigation and based upon my knowledge and experience, presented a professional viewpoint to assist in these negotiations.

12.) Contractor presentations: I am experienced  in the presentation of budgets, hard costs, GMP’s or fee-associated projects to clients including architects and owners.



1.)    Site and constructability evaluation:  of projects, from grass roots to reconstruction I can evaluate all aspects based upon my experience and knowledge.

2.)    Initial Budget development:  the cost of any project is a key elements of a project’s success or failure.  I can provide a realistic, efficient, and knowledgeable approach to budget development.

3.)    Design and engineering evaluation:  the means and methods customized to each individual project is instrumental it’s success.  I can evaluate the proper construction methods as well as engineering advances allowing a successful and realistic evaluation of the construct-ability of a project.

4.)    Schedule development:  the development and resultant construction schedule of a project is instrumental in its success.  The creation of an unbiased schedule is invaluable in the overall proper coordination and management of any project.

5.)    Pre- construction value engineering:  the use of technology and cutting edge construction practice will allow the proper implementation of all means and methods of construction.  Offering suggestions and practical solutions as preconstruction information is both informative and essential.

6.)    Development of competitive bid strategies:  the creation of accurate and professional bid packages is essential for the proper administration of the project.

7.)    Evaluation of proposals and leveling:  the proper and professional leveling of all subcontractor scopes of work and the management of financial values corresponding to this scope leveling is necessary for an intelligent and accurate identification of the successful bidder.

8.)    Recommendation of successful bidder:  based upon extensive experience and professional knowledge as well as the input obtained by the leveling process will allow the proper and accurate acknowledgement of the successful bidder.

9.)    Administration:  to administer a construction project, whether in full, or from simply the owner, developer side, is essential to the successful completion of the project.

10.) Owner, Developer representative:  an experienced  representation from the owner and developer is essential for the successful administration of the project.

11.) Management:  of change order requests, requests for information as well as all financial aspects from construction startup to completion is essential for success.

12.) Management of punch list items and project close out :   the proper management of punch list items and closeout is essential for success.

13.) Final financial control:  including lien waiver release and final contract terminations. The administration and management of this financial control is a final checklist and necessary procedure to ensure satisfactory completion.


1.)    Provide professional analysis and cost projections:  an informed architect, engineer that has not only the technical abilities but a true and realistic evaluation of the cost and the scheduling issues involved is beneficial for all client relationships.

2.)    Identify common construction issues as well as means and methods : the architect and engineer do not want to be blindsided by another entity, if a construction issues or means and methods has not been thoroughly evaluated and identified.

3.)    Circumvent typical general contractor, construction management identification:  of design and engineering issues, prior to communication with owner, develop.

4.)    Overall construction knowledge and experience:  allowing the architectural design and engineering development to parallel common practices and procedures.

5.)    Manage as architectural representative:  as an architectural representative I have the experience and knowledge required to professionally communicate and manage all construction issues.

6.)    Administer all architectural management requirements: as an experienced individual  with LEEDS, submittals, RFI requirements, the presentation of the architectural portion of the project will be supported.

7.)    Ensure project and thorough completion: understanding the inherent difficulties of project completion will assist the architect.


1.)    Provide expert analysis of construction issues:  in terms of financial, means and methods, change orders, scheduling, delay claims, as well as common sense construction knowledge based upon 35 years of experience. To present accurate and informed information, whether on the stand, during arbitrations, or in the office, the understanding and insight offered is invaluable to the client.

2.)    Testify as required to support client positions:  experienced in the courtroom drama and stage, it is important that an experienced and knowledgeable individual represents the client.

3.)    Provide professional guidance:  for all aspects of the construction process from administration, management, scheduling as well as supervision. The full understanding of the construction process as well as the ability to demonstrate techniques and means and methods is essential to the clients portrayal of competence and ability.

4.)    Experienced critique of all daily reports: submittal logs, rfi logs, etc. the hands on experience of years in the field as well as construction office, allows an accurate evaluation of all the field reports, office paperwork and financial reporting documents used in construction.

5.)    Offer general knowledgeable and professional opinion :  an honest evaluation of a client’s position allows a full and complete preparation of  alternate arguments and comments.

6.)    Assist communication bridges:  from the legal minds to the construction companies owners and managers. Understanding the lingo, terms and technical issues between clients, engineers, architects, etc. is invaluable for the proper and professional communication of information and issues.

7.)    Provide a stable and experienced basis:  for legal action and accountability.  Years of experience and knowledge allows a stable and professional basis for opinion and comment.


I have extensive experience with tenant fit ups, residential construction, miscellaneous special construction techniques such as modular and panelization, industrial work, larger high rise construction, both steel and concrete, high end retail as well as big box construction.  I have worked for myself , as well as a variety of other contractors and subcontractors.

I can help and will accommodate your financial situation as required.

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